Sunday, 5 January 2020

MIND // An Epiphany To Start Our New Year

Unbelievably I find myself writing this weeks after I had penned my final post for the year and in true Emily fashion didn't actually get round to posting it.
I feel that this is definitely something that has changed within my writing career, a want to actually write. As the children have got older life has built up differently to when I first started writing this blog. Gone are the days of writing in daylight hours while children napped. I think because Rob and I were always running on adrenaline from little sleep in those early parenting days I seemed to work so differently. Now I value my time differently. If I am not working for Charlotte as content creator and editor for I am running family errands or cleaning the house. On an evening I want to sit and watch TV or go dancing at my Zumba class and then I have a marriage; time with Rob just sat chilling is an important part of our relationship. It is actually even more important now because I spend a few evenings out dancing and the children's schedule can eat into our time.
None of this however gives me a valid reason to stop writing, it just becomes more sporadic but almost everyday I am writing out posts in my head and just not getting opportunity to add pen to paper so to speak. 

Time moves on...

I wanted to make sure I sat down tonight and actuary wrote something. The kids go back to school tomorrow after their Christmas break and Monday the 6th January actually marks the official end to the Christmas celebrations. Epiphany is the conclusion of the nativity scene; the 3 wise men arrive and end the story of the birth of Jesus. For us as practising Catholics this is a tradition we honour within the church. We are meant to keep all our decorations up until now and really should have used the last fortnight as a celebration and rest time with family. We are fortunate to have so many members of our family around us and therefore these last two weeks have been just like that. If we weren't partying we were cosy at home watching movies. All the movies we could in fact, I don't think we have missed one of the list on Netflix! But it has meant that this whole holiday period has lasted for a really long time. I feel like the school holidays have been a real break and as the kids sleep upstairs I am so thankful that we are ending our Christmas inline with that of the true meaning of Christmas.

Just as the kings give the baby Jesus Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, I feel that I have been handed a beautiful gift which ends one year and begins another. 
Our life is precious and so full of love, I have really lucked out on that and even my own love for myself has grown in a way I wouldn't have expected this last year. I have always struggled with my own self doubts and to quite an extreme but my management of it has changed and today I feel like I know where I am. Not lost and also not seeking for anything better. My current reality is my favourite place to be; a happy mix of work, play and just enough business to complain about {smiles}.

Let's start together

Here we are then, at the dawn of the new year, not even a week in and it is safe to say "2020, I am ready for you"! I hope your mindset is clear and ready to tackle all that could be new for you this year. The only things you need to make sure you achieve this year are keeping in good health, practising joy and accepting love for yourself so that you can give that to others. If you can sit on December 31st this year and feel you have completed those 3 things every year after will only be more fruitful. Lead with love friends and with that will come success.


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  1. Ah I love this post Emily, hope you and your family have a fabulous 2020!


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