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LIFE LATELY // City Walks, Country Walks; A Catch Up With The Kids

I love sharing these LIFE LATELY posts. Nowadays the kids very rarely feature in my work. We don't get the same level of product review opportunities which, as younger kids, they very much were a part of. In a way once the kids went to school it only gave me a brief window to ever photograph them doing something and as they have grown in age the have grown in opinion so sponsored projects are harder to do due to their attitudes. In fact, I couldn't take their picture without falling out with them so I gave up for a while. Now a little older and with no pressure to perform from me I find plenty of natural opportunities to get pictures of these ones. 
Whenever we go out to "play" Rob always takes the lead; he knows I love taking pictures so really he entertains the children while I entertain myself.
For Christmas this year I got a new camera, a wonderful gift and one I will review in a few weeks when I have really had a good chance to play. Anyway, with new tech comes constant opportunity to try it out. I have taken many pictures of mugs that will never be seen, but that said, those and walks are great for me to practise.
Anyway, as an opportune moment to share where the kids are at right now I thought I would share a few photos from walks over the Christmas holidays.

Family Living

Currently each walk opportunity is quickly followed by the question "can we skate?". Etta was most pleased when Father Christmas brought her roller skates in her stocking. In fact, she was so pleased that the following days after Christmas that was all she wanted to do and her constant practising made her brother dig his year old skates out and also have a go. Sibling rivalry; there was no way Etta was going to be better than Raph at skating so that little boy made sure to really push himself in the holidays and learn to skate just like The Mighty Ducks! If you don't know who they were you need to educate yourself ! Some great movies from the 90s about a kids ice hockey team (we may all be a little obsessed with them right now). Anyway, Rob and I have agreed most times to the skating and it is actually paying off. Kids can pick up things so quick and even though Etta is petrified of the ground and her face meeting, they are doing it and getting better and better!

I used to love skating, in fact my dad made a comment about going through a million pairs of skates when I was younger, and seeing the kids now makes me happy in knowing that they are experiencing that same joy I had. 

Expression and excitement

Christmas gifting was a really interesting one this year. As the children grow their expression changes. This year we had a few "OH MY GOODNESS, YOU GOT ME THIS!" moments which was really nice, Raph was a funny one because he got a couple of things he would never expect. One was a game to be played on Rob's original SNES. Yes a very, very old PlayStation type console, and Raph just couldn't believe it. For us it was a big deal, we a very anti-gaming with the kids and draw a very strict line under it, but Raph has access to a vintage games hand piece and Rob's old stuff which comes out on very rare occasion. Anyway, as part of recognising his need for wanting to be like his mates this game went down an absolute treat. I am glad he is innocent enough to not really realise just how old fashioned this game is. It has lead to great gaming though and real opportunities for him to take responsibility.
Etta also got some very grown up make up which she would have never have thought I would have got her. I am obviously dead against it, she is only six, but I got her a pack of lip glosses and some sparkly blusher and a make up bag. She was so pleased and every chance she gets she is asking to wear it, at least she is asking is all I am thinking! Really, for her and me, it is a connection over something she watches me do and now she can play at doing it too.

Into the country

Through the holidays we have spent a bit of time at my parents'. We like our house a lot and are quite happy relaxing in it but it is really nice going home. This Christmas we have been lucky to be able to enjoy my parents' home more than usual. Over the year a refurb was finished by Rob and I as a surprise (yes, I am going to write another post about all of that) so my parents' living space is really enjoyable right now. The kids also love being there as it's Grandma's house and they can get away with all sorts! We stayed over a couple of nights too which is always nice for Rob and I who don't have to worry about what we then drink through an evening and much to the kids' joy it means they can get one of Grandma's "special" bedtime stories.
This year our usual New Year's routine changed and instead of going out to my parents' for a party some family friends actually had one local to town which meant we stayed at our own house instead of theirs. However we made sure to drive over on New Year's Day for our traditional walk (even though numbers were quite depleted this year) and stay a night then instead. 

The skates came out again and much to the kids' surprise, the country lanes were not as smooth as the city ones. 

We however marched on and that New Year's Day air got us all rolling down the lane and filling our lungs with fresh air. I don't know what it is but a walk on New Year's day is the best start to the year. 
With the walk done (I carried the kids' shoes ready for a swap halfway through) I felt very much like the year had really began, and even though I don't believe in the whole ''new year, new you'' ethos, I very much felt invigorated with life and lucky to be alive at the beginning of this new decade.

If you made it to the end of this post, well done. What a long post about me going on about my kids.  :) 


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