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LEARNING // What Blogging Is All About.

This post is an educational tool for me to use to help teach children about Blogging. I have been asked to attend a local school and talk about it so this post is part of that. Feel free to share it with other young people if they are interested in this online world of work.

Welcome to my blog: Brick Dust & Glitter. On here I am going to leave some key points to help you understand blogging and how to write a blog.

About Me

My name is Emily and I have been writing a bog for over six years now. I started when my little girl was just six months old. 
As a family we wanted to share what we got up to and we thought that a blog was a good place to do that. Sharing this publicly was an easy thing and I enjoyed writing about all things creative. Click HERE to read my first ever post.
I don't write as much any more but I love it when I do. I hope you enjoy this post.

What Is A Blog?

A blog is an online website where a writer can share information about chosen subjects. It can be personal to you or you could write a blog for your community. There are lots of areas of interest such as:
Movie Reviews
Days out

I write around an area called Lifestyle. This means I share lots about what we do, what I wear and emotional conversations about parenting and life that I may want to share.

What Is A Blog Post?

A blog post is an individual article that you write to go on your blog.
I write about things that interest me and I like to share pictures with each post. 
I choose one subject or situation to write about and write a few paragraphs that I then upload onto the main blog website.

Is Blogging Safe?

Blogging is safe but you have to work hard to protect yourself and your private information.

If you write anything online you need to be aware that anyone can see it. Even if you think it is private, sharing information between other people online is very easy.

When blogging you should NEVER share:

Where you live
Your telephone number
The full names of your parents
What School you go to
Where you like to play
Pictures of people's faces who you do not know
Pictures of your body if you feel uncomfortable about it.

There is a lot of cyber bullying online nowadays and people find it very easy to say things on a computer that they would never say in real life. People can write nasty comments on blogs and criticise you. If you feel that someone is being mean to you online you must ALWAYS tell an adult.

Remember, behave online like you would do at school. Always try to be a kind person. 

How Do I Write My First Blog Post?

Pick an area that you want to talk about. For this post I thought about what I wanted to tell all of you about blogging.
If you don't have any ideas here are a few that might help you:
  • Review a film or book. Talk about the actors or writers, plot twists and if other people should read or watch it.
  • Write about a day out. Write about if it was good, what your learned, any bad parts or things you may change about it. If you loved all of it tell people why it was a good experience.
  • Talk about a hobby. I really like dancing. What do you like? Tell people why it is good.
  • Discuss current news. Share your opinion on current situations around the world. Remember not to offend others with your opinion though.
  • Share a photo walk around a local area. Focus on something like plants or animals, maybe looking at birds or flowers. Make sure to not share exactly where it is though if it is at your home. Think about privacy.
  • Write fiction. You can share stories you have written yourself, let people read you own work.

Can Blogging Ever Lead On To Other Things?

If you work hard at something you will be rewarded.
Blogging for me gave me a new career. I started working in this school as a teaching assistant 11 1/2 years ago and always wanted to work with children, but my life changed and so did my work. However, once I started blogging I found that people were interested in what I had to share and that opened up all kinds of opportunities.
Now I work in a completely different area to the one I studied in earning money though writing and photography.
I write for my own blog where brands pay me to share information or products. I write for other people's blogs where I send them work and they publish it. I write for a local magazine which is a paper version of my blog. I also now work with another blogger building her website. My working life is busy, but really creative and really fun. 

I hope you can use this information to help you write a blog. Think about all the things we have discussed and you to could be a blogger.


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