Friday, 21 June 2019

Simple Joys Of Summer Dresses

We made it, you might say. The summer months are here and we are ready to embrace them. I am counting down the days until the school summer holidays; a time I remember was the most exciting as a child, getting ready to leave school behind for a long six weeks!
Part of me never wants to wish time away but the other part is so looking forward to a family holiday in Italy I am willing it to come slightly quicker.
For most of us now we probably have the not so distant holiday plans on our brains. I am slowly putting together lists of items that we will need to purchase and making sure we have appropriate clothing for the Italian heat.
That is one of the biggest things I think about and any clothes I have bought for myself and the children have had the question "would this be good for Italy?" The thing is, it is so hot and sunny that you want really light clothing but with a good body coverage. Anything light and floaty is a winner but I also love sleeves, even just over my shoulders to prevent unnecessary sun damage. I try to be conscious of UV rays now more than ever so it is nice to find dresses that offer coverage and floatiness!
I think white dresses are key, impractical for the chocolate Gelatos but really, a white summer dress can't be beaten. In my experience (and with a husband who is exceptionally good at getting grass stains out of cricket whites) wearing white doesn't bother me at all, I embrace it and even with the kids and potential ease at getting it dirty, nothing truly beats the joy of a white summer dress.
Summer dresses are out in storm right now, from the supermarkets to your high end brands; a light, floaty summer dress could be all you need to add to your wardrobe to get you ready for the sunshine. I am sharing some of my favourites here but a few top tips to buying great summer dresses that you will wear again and again are:
// Try to buy sustainable fabrics: organic cottons and linen are top of the list, these materials should cost you a bit more but for a good reason. They allow your skin to breath and and wash very well.
// Don't be afraid of pattern. Even simple patterns can look really summery and bring a nice element to a simple summer dress.
// Don't be afraid to go bold! The bigger and floatier the better if you ask me!
// Enjoy your clothes. As long as you like what you are in and it makes you happy go for it. Fashion is personal so enjoy what you wear!

I'm Wearing a H&M dress.


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