Monday, 24 June 2019

Life Lately // Just A Bit Of Home

Home life has been one full of dust in recent weeks. We have started a bathroom renovation which is hard to do when you work full time and have busy weekends. Poor Rob is squeezing every moment of his spare time into fixing up the bathroom but there is a big tiling job to do and that is what is taking most of the time. That all said, it looks awesome and as we now move forward you can see the end creeping towards us. By the end of the month I am sure we will be nearly there!

The only problem that comes with any renovation work is the mess. And in fairness it is contained but whenever you empty one room another gets filled. Our office / drying room / dumping ground is so full of crap that you begin to give up on sorting through it. In fact the room has become an almost no go zone as it just houses everything it did before (which was often already a mess) and now so much more of the bathroom stuff.
Anyone who has done work on a house and ended up with a room like this will understand when I say that you just have to walk away from it. I am trying to keep on top of our bedroom and the kids' room but to be honest that is all I am doing upstairs because there is just no point. 
And to compensate the madness upstairs I am getting a bit stressed about the downstairs and trying to keep it in order. It is mentally exhausting living in a messy house. I really struggle anyway especially when certain places aren't clear as I feel my head isn’t clear when that happens. The dining table is one place that I need to clear to function, and the sides in the kitchen need to be clear. If they are clear then I can cope with stuff on the floors. It's all mind tricks really, anything to stop me obsessing about having a spotless home because that isn’t what life is about.

Anyway, with that kind of mind control I find I faff more on the small things because things at my eye level can then please me and bring me joy! I just make sure I don’t look down at the floor or up to the cobwebs!! Eye level is Emily’s happy level 😂😂

I thought really this post was going to be about just sharing a few shots of how the house looks a bit atm. just as a “we are here right now” kind of post because I know people love to see homes. But I don’t want to project any kind of illusions that my house is perfectly tidy all of the time! My house is pretty nice when I take my photos as that is usually on a school day where I can put everything away and it not change for a good 6 hours! However a lot of the time it just looks like a normal lived in family home!

A few new things;

I have started hanging hats on our chalk board. Instagram made me do it and really, I love the straw colour of the hats and now have a lot of fun treating it like art and taking advantage of its incredible practicality!

My sideboard is forever changing but at the moment I have sat one of the dining chairs next to it to bring a bit of colour from a cushion to the corner.

The mantle piece rarely looks the same one week to the next. It is forever being faffed!!

My bedroom also often has a trinket move every time I clean it but recently I have been adding a few pieces to the wall above our bed to make it a bit more of a feature wall.

All in all my faffing is at a level that keeps me happy about our living space. A nice way to keep the house looking tidy but also get over that homes get messy and with project work going on and having children, I just need to realise that it is fine and continue to play with the small things to help me get over stressing about the bigger destruction!


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