Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Outdoor Play // The Joy Of Dressing For You!

*The Outfit In this post was gifted but I paid to change it.

Having had my first ever proper experience with getting some clothes professionally altered today I was simply too excited to tell you all about it and have found myself sat here eagerly typing away.

Today I went to collect 3 items of clothing that I had taken to get altered {for locals, it's the one in the old bus station}. I was nervous. I have such high standards and what if getting items fitted is not all it is cracked up to be? After all, it was cheap, maybe it is just a quick fix? How wrong I was! My main worry was that it just wouldn't fit me still. The measure up was pretty simple and there wasn't much chat with the lady so I left just praying that it would be right. The moment I pulled up some floaty white trousers from last spring which were too big even then, I knew I had struck gold. Not only did they fit but the fit me!! They fit my body, they fit my measurements {they definitely fit my standard} and they made me want to wear them which I hadn't done in nearly a year! Next, a dress which I had only been able to get in a size bigger than mine. Suddenly, I had the white cotton dress I had dreamed about with its seam lines following the shape of my body rather than just hanging off it. 
Lastly, well, my biggest worry, my brand new BODEN YELLOW JUMPSUIT. This item is all over the Boden website, it is beautiful, but I'm 5ft7 and this skims short on my legs and in just the wrong place; I knew it would. It made me look a bit boxy and actually distracted from the gorgeousness that it is. I often find trousers like this are just not the right length on me but I immediately saw its potential. "If only it were 5 inches shorter?" I pondered and that idea gave me the nudge to try out getting all these items altered to better fit me. 

The original

To fit me

{There were 6 inches taken off the length of the leg}.

The thing is, with fashion being the way it is now, we are wanting to spend less but get quality items. It doesn't exist, that kind of fashion buying just doesn't happen and what I am learning and have been saying for a while now is that what we buy needs to be exactly what we want. 
There is no point buying 3 cheaper items that represent that one expensive item that we really want, just buy the one expensive thing. I can guarantee you will end up buying it anyway and all of a sudden you have wasted clothes in your wardrobe. I did it. All the time. I couldn't afford something so I would find cheaper alternatives that simply wouldn't satisfy me. All of a sudden I am filling bags of clothes for charity shops and endorsing this fast cheap fashion lifestyle. 

Today I learned an incredibly important lesson about usage. I keep nice clothes, even if they don't fit just right because most of the time I can get away with a skirt that's a little too baggy or some trousers that fit me on the hips but are huge round the waist. Just add a baggy jumper right? But actually spending just a few pounds extra on a service which provides income for someone local is life changing. I instantly wanted to wear all three items, they fit me so well, I just want to enjoy them and not pick them out on a morning and put them back because they didn't look just right. In reality, if clothing fits you well you want to wear it more than anything because you feel your best in it and that in itself changes your whole outlook on dressing for your body. 

This afternoon it was really nice to get out with CHARLOTTE JACKLIN and go to take some photos. I felt like a kid out on a sunny playtime. Wasn't that the best feeling? Being able to run wild with your friends over the hour long lunch break which seemed to last for an eternity but at the same time always was too short. The sun was shining and after spending all year avoiding bright sunshine as we felt it never got the best photos we have u-turned and embraced the warm glow it now brings to my pictures. I must say, out of three outfits I shot today this was the best. From the moment I wriggled into it {in the front seat of my car I might add: classy!} I just felt kick ass!
This just above ankle length suits me and I love it, so seeing this jumpsuit in a whole new light had me kung-fu kicking everywhere!! The joys of how good fashion can make you feel!

All in all, if I wanted you to take with you one piece of information from me {possibly ever} it would be wear clothes that fit YOU!! We cannot all be put into a numbered category, we are all individual so embrace that and make it work for you!

I'm Wearing: JUMPSUIT // SHOES 

As a guide, to have my dress altered and re-sized was £12. To have some trousers taken in just at the back was £8 and the cropping of this jumpsuit was £10. 



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