Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Fashion Column: The Journal {December Edition}

My Fashion Column 

I have started sharing the fashion coloumn I write for local magazine The Journal as I know some of you would like to read it but not have any access to it.

December 2018 Issue {The Journal}

As we enter into one of the busiest months in the year I feel it is only fair to share something almost polar opposite to how the world might be making you feel. December really can be a time of great enjoyment, it doesn’t need to be stress filled and it doesn’t need to be a time when you just throw money at everything. I find December is one of my favourite months in the year and not because of the present giving and parties, but because I really find it a time when we can relax and really enjoy family time. Here in Lincoln we are lucking enough to have a host of events that get us out the house. Not only have we got the Christmas market but we have St Barnabas’ Hospice Walk of light, we have lantern parades through the High Street and there are plenty of carol services going on through the city too. All lovely events which can take us out the house and give us a reason to layer up well to help us battle the cold! This last winter in Lincoln Jack Frost definitely nipped at our noses somewhat and after being unprepared for the cold weather last year, I think I stepped up the practicality part of my wardrobe! I often think practicality doesn’t always need to be boring. Rich colours, bold prints and thick layers will always have you feeling like you have dressed up but you can now do it with a very trendy edge. Through December I plan to be out a lot but not in a party way. I want to walk, see the twinkling lights in the city and enjoy the sounds that Christmas in the city brings. And I plan to do all of that wrapped in style!

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