Saturday, 30 June 2018

Outfit Details; A Linen Kimono

Let's look at this LINEN BLEND KIMONO as I love how simple a piece it is to add colour to your wardrobe!

Teamed with this KNOT HAIRBAND, my big WANDERLUST ROUND BAG, a simple blouse, some KICKFLARE JEANS and some WHITE SLIDERS this is a dreamy summer outfit for the long hot summer days we are having.

When I first got this kaftan I was really conscious of how boxy it looked but it didn't take long for me to love it! It is really just a soft pullover, perfect as beach wear or over jeans like me. The yellow stripe brings a warm shade to my skin tone. With the pop of red against my hair colour it really gives you {ever so slightly} that Arabian summer vibe. 
I seem to live in jeans, no matter what the temperature at the min, but love a long top or dress over them.

I feel really lucky at the minute as I have made a new friend, Charlotte from BETTY MAGAZINE and we are making a point to help each other get outfit photos. It will be so nice getting out with her and capturing style. I often find outfits just look better when not captured at home, I mean, I love taking pictures at my house, you all know that, but I am loving getting back out to do outfit shots with a friend who is experienced and just gets it!

For me, I really love the linen in this outfit, a nice light fabric which just screams summer. What do you think? Would you wear it?


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