Saturday 26 May 2018

I Made This!

This post isn't going to be the longest I have ever written as actually I am afraid it doesn't come with a how to. Nope. The thing about sewing is you can have an idea, and make and share it, but when it comes to clothes and especially beginners I can only really share where I got the pattern. 
Having decided that Martha {Quilting Boss} and I were going to start putting our JUKI sewing machines to the test, we decided that, rather than use them for a more industrial project like a heavy quilt, to try a super simple something with a very light fabric. After doing a bit of research I came across SEW OVER IT, a brilliant British sewing brand which is there to teach the skills of sewing and dressmaking. Having read up I found a pattern for something pretty simple and got the PDF. Now, having never done any pattern based work before I thought that you got a pack with tracing paper in, but now you can buy and print straight away. You just stick the pages together and then cut out. 

I chose to make a KIMONO JACKET as we had some beautiful RIFLE PAPER CO rayon fabric {Available in America} and just felt as it was so silky in texture it would make a very pretty garment that needed to drop. We went for the long style {which you can choose when cutting} and just followed the instructions that came as part of the PDF pack. It couldn't have been easier. And by easier I mean I was able to do it with guidance from two very accomplished sewers. In my situation I wasn't sat by myself making it but I did make all of it. It just meant I was able to check a few things as I went along. Those little confidence wobbles were put to rest and after about 5 hours I had a finished jacket which I was absolutely over the moon about.

There were definitely a few things that made this whole experience easier though. The Fabric is expensive but it is such good quality. I mean, it is gorgeous and actually I would buy it again as I feel it is worth it. Our machines were the JUKI DX7 which I love. I find it such an easy machine and it sews perfectly. It is not stressful and just works very, very well. We also used a JUKI OVERLOCKER which Martha has, which goes over all your seams and finishes them professionally meaning they won't fray. Good quality thread was also a necessity and actually meant the kimono looked more professional. 

All in all, I cannot believe this world has opened up before me. Never did I think that in May 2018 I would start to dip my toe in dressmaking and in a very serious way. I absolutely loved this project and it has really inspired me to do more. 
Enjoy the pictures!

(Turned out to be quite a long post after all!)



  1. It’s AMAZING you talented lady. I am obsessed with Kimono’s have been for years. Love

  2. Thank you Kara! I have been meaning to message for ages! I think I am going to be addicted also!


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