Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Princess Peach

There is never an occasion where a tutu would seem inappropriate. Can you think of one? Maybe on a football pitch but still, most of the time little girls can get away with spending every minute of the day in one of these. And why not? When you get older it is something that is never worn. I say keep them a princess for as long as possible and if they want to wear one out to play in the garden teamed with a pair of wellies then let them. Life is about enjoyment and this little lady could spend hours in one of these skirts as I sit and cringe at the dirt she is getting on them but then I remember; there is always wash powder and a happy child that wants to explore and have fun is all I am looking for!

Etta wears Bob and Blossom tutu from Limetree Gifts & Interiors and top from Joules.


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