Monday, 25 April 2016

Adding Subtle Colour to Your Rooms with Cotton Ball Lights.

I find you can leave a room "finished" for months and months and still find things to "finish" it off. I think things like lighting are always a changing feature in room, especially a bedroom. As a teenager, I was decorating different spots with strings of fairy lights, draping them, wrapping them round things, always finding something to add a set to. Having recently discovered Cotton Ball fairy lights I have been able to find a lovely way to inject colour into a room along with my love for a bit of twinkle!

What is lovely about buying from Cotton Ball lights is that you can make a completely unique colour combination string of fairy lights. As you receive the balls not, yes not, on the string of light (you attach yourself) and are able to make your own pattern. This means that there will, in theory, be no one else with the same string of fairy lights as you!

The instructions are simple, you just snip the hole in each ball and pop onto the traditional fairy light. You can then arrange however you want but if you are doing a repeating pattern I would make sure you work it out before you start attaching just to avoid a messed up pattern. 

Our spare room has been finished for some time now and has a lovely soft beige on the walls against its bright white wooden floor. My mix of pink with the solitary brown balls really complements the colourings of this room. Hanging on the corner of a section of wall that protrudes, they create a beautiful feature light to have in a bedroom.

As they come on a clear wire you just get this lovely hanging spot effect that looks great against the other simple furnishings. They are a great way to introduce colour into a room or to even just add a nice decorative feature. 

These lights look great in this room and I love that they have almost become a feature in their own right. A really beautiful and easy way to add a little "something" to a very plain room.

Would you like a set?
Well, start following them on Facebook and Instagram and look out for similar pictures on which you need to comment why you would like a set! Winner will be announced withing a few weeks on Cotton Ball Lights Facebook and Twitter.


*Post in collaboration with Cotton Ball Lights UK

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