Monday, 29 February 2016

My Heart-made cushion for Mother's Day with Cath Kidston

I wouldn't call myself an experienced sewer. I love using my machine to make and create but to be honest I am a straight line kinda girl. I use the simplest templates which allows me to get creative but in no complex way. When Cath Kidston offered me the opportunity to try some of their Mother's day crafts, I have to say, my head was secretly wanting the "easier" options, but telling them I had a sewing machine sealed my fate and I received a gorgeous blue box with fabric in to make my own patchwork cushion.
Reading the instructions on their blog calmed me somewhat. They are really clear but there is quite a lot of cutting prep work and all very accurate. Making sure each square was a certain size made me concentrate so hard. I have never patchworked before so I was really nervous but as soon as that first panel was completed and I saw how the triangles and squares came together I knew I would be able to complete it and that it would actually look good.

I used the Flower Pots Cotton Duck fabric which I thought was a perfect shade of pink and I just loved the soft shades in their print of the flowers. A perfect print for springtime.

The only reason this cushion came together so well was the fantastic instructions that Cath Kidston have on their blog. When it is clearly laid out for you I think it puts your mind at rest, it helps your imagination to work and you create that picture in your head of how the project will look.

If you feel like making something that truly is from the heart as a special Mother's Day gift I urge you to try out this pattern; it really is worth it!

Paired with this beautiful Hydrangea print cushion, both bring a blooming fresh look to any room.


*Post in collaboration with Cath Kidston.

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