Monday, 22 February 2016

Mother's day ideas from Joules

When I realised that mother's day actually wasn't too far away I went into a bit of a panic. I was thinking I wanted to share some gift ideas with you all, I suppose I just hadn't thought about the time frame. Luckily these days it is so easy to buy until the last minute that it really doesn't matter but if you are like me and enjoy shopping for gifts for people it is nice to think about it early. 
One of my favourite stores of the moment is Joules. I find its newest collection for children one of the prettiest yet and I absolutely adore the styles they have produced with a lot of black involved. I am just loving the slightly darker shade in their classic cuts. You might have seen pictures of my black striped coat and dress which I am just loving wearing and there is loads more from the collection I would love to buy. Don't get me wrong, I love the colours, but there is something about just the monochrome spots, stripes and flower prints I really like. Back on task though and looking for ideas for Mother's day I saw that their Wensley scarf  has a beautiful white with black spot and stripe print version and thought it was a perfect gift that would go with everything. 

The Wensley scarf is £19.95 which is a good price for a fashion piece that isn't really going to ever become unfashionable. When do you never need a scarf? The range that Joules have out at the minute also would suit a range of tastes as well. If your mother would be more into Floral or animal print then there are plenty of them also. 

Floral prints and stripes are something that Joules are somewhat iconic for. In fact it is something that they don't really get wrong and the selection they have to offer always ticks the boxes.

Looking through the prints got me thinking about how I would wear them (if I were to hint for one from my children/husband) and I came up with these ideas.

I think these scarfs are beautifully refreshing and would make wonderful gifts for your mother, friend or just as a special treat to yourself.


*Post in association with Joules


  1. I love your choices and that black and white scarf is gorgeous. For no particular reason my maternity wardrobe has ended up full of black and grey and that would go perfectly with all of it. Might have to treat myself to a little Mothers Day present. xx

    1. Its funny isnt it how sonetimes a colour dominates. I think that black and white would never go out of fashion and look great with colours or more monochrome pieces! Xx emily


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