Thursday, 13 August 2015

Colour and beauty #mamasblooms

What a gallery to look at this week. It is fantastic to see you all enjoying blooms so much so thank you for sharing.
On Sunday I celebrated my 28th birthday. I know right, I don't look old enough!! Getting ready for any kind of celebration always means getting flowers into the house. For me, I love using pinks and mainly roses. I just love the classic shape for celebrations. Roses aren't my favourite flower but one I use most of the time.

The summery colours and big bloom heads made the perfect display for the mantle piece. I love using this as my main area for decorating for parties.

Looking through the #mamasblooms gallery it was clear to see that you are enjoying using colour. So many gorgeous arrangements of different style shots. Nanda and I absolutely love looking through the pictures and seeing the tag being used. As always Nanda's home was full of beautiful blooms this week, my favourite being this huge hydrangea plant. Follow her on Instagram for more beautiful bloom pictures!

I have loved your examples this week and these are just some of the really inspiring pictures that I wanted to share.

Lucy, these spoons are fab!

They are all just gorgeous so thank you ladies for joining. Remember keep tagging your flower pictures for a chance to win a bouquet from the lovely ''Bloom & Wild'' this month. They will pick out there favourite near the end of the month!

Keep tagging!

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