Monday, 4 December 2017

A Christmas season to enjoy.

I always get to the start of advent and look on the next 24 days with such excitement. I don't think advent is celebrated enough and it doesn't get the emphasis it deserves in my opinion. Advent is quite honestly the most wonderful time of the year. We can get so lost in this period and it can actually become quite bleak as we lose sight of the end goal. Every day in advent is a day to remind you of the steps that keep taking you closer and closer to Christmas Day and each should be a reminder to slow down and enjoy, as we all know those 24 days disappear at a rate of knots! This year I think I have helped myself out a lot. By having already bought and wrapped all presents I feel no need to have that hanging over me. I actually love shopping for people and in no way would I encourage getting it done early, it just has worked out that way this year and actually I thought I was put out by it but I have been able to realign myself and see the beauty of the season a bit clearer. We have coming up some major events in the next month; all things that I wanted to talk about really and I felt that the best way to share that was here. 

Just five days into December we celebrate along with countries like Germany, Denmark and Holland the feat of Sinterklaas. I have spoken about this in previous years, it is an absolute necessity to have this as a tradition as there are the most wonderful stories to share alongside and it actually begins the magic of Christmas and the thought of St. Nick returning our good deeds with sweet treats. Traditionally, this is a religious feast day of Saint Nicholas, and just like we would have Saint George's Day parades or Saint Patrick's day celebrations, this, well this is especially special for all. It is another form of Christmas Eve where you leave your shoes {traditionally clogs} out for a visit from Sinta Klaas who fills them with chocolates {or coal} to signify goodness. It's such a wonderful thing to do and another exciting Christmas tradition to fill your house with a bit of excitement! We celebrate it on December 5th by leaving out shoes by the fire in the hope that come Morning we will be having a chocolate breakfast!!

During advent this year we are taking the children to Lincoln Theatre Royal on the opening night of their Panto season. I haven't told the kids so that will be a bit of a surprise. We love theatre and it's great to have the opportunity to get down to local ones! I haven't been to the Theatre Royal panto in years so it will be so nice to go back and hopefully return again in the new year! If you fancy going visit New Theatre Royal.
Around the north part of the city The local fire station always do a parade. They do it over a series of nights going to local streets and villages with St Nick himself on a huge sleigh escorted through the city by that station's fire trucks. It's all for fundraising but it is a huge thing meaning so much to so many. I remember the first year we lived here. We had no idea it went on and one night ran quickly to the front of those as there was so much commotion! Imagine all the flashing lights. We thought something awful had happened but then realised what was going on. The kids absolutely love it and it is becoming a tradition to head out and see!! 
Lincoln's Christmas market comes to town this week and our tiny city is full of people. Traditionally the market is in the uphill area but the whole high street takes part. It is a great thing to see but as a local it is very much the same each year. It brings opportunities for us all to support local things though and many families carry out traditions at this time. If you want to find out more visit VisitLincoln.
We now spend quite a few weekend evenings watch Christmas films. We have a projector and can set it up so easily so we find we have it out as often as possible. WE love watching all sorts and all the classics get played at least once! Today we watched Miracle on 34th Street and I was reminded about how magical that films is, In fact as an adult I love it more than ever and as a parent, it is a great film for confirming belief!
Our Christmas tree will be picked up in the next few weeks from Fillingham Christmas Trees who we have shopped with for years now. A great Local tree farm who grow most of their trees on Lincolnshire land. 

With all of this we also have 3 family birthdays, a ski holiday, nativities, school discos, Santa visits and then so many more local attractions; We have Thor's Tipi Bar which I really want to visit for a hot chocolate, The Lantern Parade is also such a nice thing to see. There is so much more going on locally that I know we are just going to run out of time to do it just like every year! Starting with the best intentions though and hoping that this advent really guides me through the season appreciating all the little things!


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