Sunday, 4 September 2016

A summer well spent brings a year of content.

We all do it, in winter we are always saying that we can't wait for it to get a bit warmer, then when it gets warmer we all start saying, oh I wish it was cooler. We are so difficult to please aren't we? I really try not to complain too much about the weather, why complain about it being too hot? This summer I really feel that we have been truly blessed, while we were away it was almost like we could have been in the south of France but it only took us two hours to get to that hot paradise, rather than days travelling. All this warmth and sunshine really has set my mood up for entering September so well. I love Autumn days and can't wait for the beautiful change of season, but my mood going into them is so lifted. That whole starting back at school process seems to not be out of the blue, like the time has disappeared but it seems to have come around at just the right point. Our summer holidays have been really fun. 6 weeks hasn't dragged and at the same time it hasn't gone speedily, it just seems that the time we have had has been well spent and that I really feel like we have had a summer; an actual fun, relaxing, activity-filled summer. 
I really hope this sets us up well for these first few weeks of school and returning to the normal routine. The blog has been hard to keep up with as I have just been having too nice a time relaxing and not writing, but that is all about to change again as we start a routine that we will follow for another year through till next summer when it can all happily go to pot again!

This was our final water fight of the holidays, last weekend whilst camping! Happy Times!


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