Monday, 7 March 2016

A spot of spring cleaning with GLTC

March hits and here I am starting to clear out unused stuff that accumulates in cupboards. I am really good at trying not to keep to much junk but when it comes to toys, games and crafty learning stuff I find that I just pile it away. I try to work on a 'If it hasn't been used in a year' rule in most areas of my life and home. It is a good rule to use with your wardrobe and also kids toys. They pass through phases of playing with stuff so if it is in good condition it goes off to the charity shop. 

It is inevitable that items need to be stored. There are only so many ways to pile board games; they don't look fancy, they are boxes that need piling so they take up as little room. Extra large toys go in our cupboard as well. The kids have 1 crate each and a blanket box for soft toys upstairs and that is all they have. We then have the odd extra box crate for lego and a little kitchen, but the rest are in here.
My biggest mess is the learning/colouring books and art box (middle shelf). I don't even like to get it out as it is precariously stacked and there is so much mess in it that I just hate pulling it out.
Then my role as Great Little Trading Co testing team member kicked in and I had to opportunity to delve into the art box and give it a blooming good sort out!

I know that I personally put off small(ish) jobs like this, when there is a door to hide the mess it is so easy to keep closing it but after getting a few handy containers to help me sort the contents of the art box and actually spread it out so I can see what we have got, I feel instantly comfortable in lifting out art caddies for the kids to play with.

The first thing to mention about reorganising is just how good it makes you feel. I don't know anyone who wouldn't take pride in a clean and organised shelf, I even don't feel the need to shut the cupboard door! With the bright sunny mornings we are having it is so nice to get cramped spaces sorted, get rid of the cobwebs, spring is appearing after all!

I have been able to put most of my MCS (main concern shelf) into its appropriate places. Just a few re-jigs and a few boxes to the charity shop, the MCS was emptying nicely. Once everything was out on the table I knew it had to go back in a practical manner. This is the only shelf where everything needs to be visible so that the children can pick out what they want easily.
There have been 3 main products that have helped me sort the MCS into a child-friendly and tidy one: the Spinning desk tidyCarry Caddie and Art Station,

The Art Station has to be up their as the most practical due to the amount you can store. This clever 3 tier stacking box holds lots of stuff. For me, I have stored our different paper, wooded alphabet letters and a range of other craft bits in all the compartments it boasts. It wouldn't be big enough for paints but you could have all your pens on the top then a range of tools and paper in the other 2 boxes. It is sleek and neat and it is a great working product that stores well and looks smart.

The Carry Caddy is great for storing paints in. In fact this would work nicely for all drawing tools and paper so that you could have everything in one place. A bonus is that it has an easy handle so perfect for older children to carry around themselves. This is so useful for storage as it is not too deep and it comes in a range of prints so you can have them as bold or neutral as you want.

My third MCS saviour is this spinning desk tidy. this has a big novelty factor due to its spinning but it also holds a lot of tools for drawing making it the one thing that we get off the shelf the most. As it holds so much it really is useful for general, everyday drawing and colouring. The only negative is that it is round for stacking on a shelf. For us this makes no difference, our shelves are nice and deep so it is perfect for us. The kids love the spin factor and I like that it has so many compartments for all the little extras that fall to the bottom or get lost in the corners of big storage boxes.

As you can see my MCS has opened up tremendously. I positioned all the books at the back facing me, this way I feel like I am more likely to flick through them. The kids can see them straight away and recognise the ones they want.
All the GLTC storage sits cleanly on the shelf, clearly displaying their goods and not under piles of stuff so the are easy to get out.

Keeping it crisp and white also lends itself to my MCS looking clearer. All the containers are uncomplicated and stylish in their own way. As GLTC always do, they have designed these with parents in mind; something that is easy, stores well and looks good. They have also made them perfectly suitable to children; they are easily accessible, show what there is clearly and allow kids to enjoy crafty projects with ease.

Do you feel like having a spring clean?


*Post in collaboration with GLTC as part of my testing team role.


  1. The art boxes are lovely Emily, and so practical- I must try and get my hands on some, as at the moment our crafty bits are in a bit of a mess in our kitchen dresser!

  2. Desk accessories!!! I forgot GLTC did such amazing boxes and storage for all of our craft pieces. This is exactly what I'm looking for as the boys are getting a new desk for all the art projects soon. You genius!


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