Friday, 22 May 2015

The Baby Show

I was privileged enough to be able to go along to The Baby Show at the NEC centre in Birmingham last week. It is a huge exhibition of stalls with all of your big or boutique branded baby products. It is an event not to be missed for first time parents who want guidance on what to buy or for parents who want to get the newest products on the market. From pushchairs to cots, bibs to bottles; the show offers a huge range of products to suit all of the need of babies and toddlers.

With expert speakers teaching you about first aid, sleep, breastfeeding and baby nutrition, there is opportunity to learn and develop your own knowledge. I was really interested in Jo Tantum who is a baby sleep expert. I was lucky enough to interview her and ask her lots of questions about sleep and routines. Check the blog in the next few weeks for more on that!

As I walked around I couldn't believe the amount of products that were there. I only started having babies about 4 years ago and I was not one of these people who reads billions of books and scours online to know everything about everything. I was confident in what had to be done due to the life experiences I already had via my numerous brothers and sisters. I would have never gone to anything like this, but also I didn't even know it existed until recently. The amount available to new mums is quite phenomenal. 
The show had it all in one place and people were carrying around hoards of bags of goodies to prepare them, or to stock up with new bits and pieces. 

The other good thing about the show that I think makes it more attractive is that most people offer a 'show price' which means if you were looking at purchasing pushchairs, cots, beds and large furniture items; you would find a really good deal, so it is worth visiting to be able to buy what you need for a better price than on the high street.

With the vast array of beautiful products, I almost felt like redecorating the kids' rooms! I did feel that the show wasn't necessarily catered to the mother who had toddlers and older. I think the age range is definitely suited to babies, (hence the 'baby show) but if you wanted to update toddler beds or purchase things like new pushchairs or nursery furniture then it is worth it. 

It also had lots of smaller stalls with more boutique like products. Beautiful children's clothes, special car seat blankets, baby body products and much more. I will be posting additional posts on a couple of these items that I bought from the show.

The next show is in London in October this year; click HERE to go to the website and find out more.
Thank you to The Baby Show team for inviting me along. It was a really great experience and has made me think so much about motherhood and how I parent. 
Listening to some of the professionals, I feel newly revived in trying new concepts in my own life and with our children.

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