Sunday, 29 November 2015

Advent in our home. Ideas to share.

This is it then, the beginning of advent and the start of our path to Christmas. This year more than ever I seem to be so excited. I think it's because Raph is another year older and he is understanding so much more. He went to see a reindeer parade the other day with his grandparents where he saw "Merry Christmas" or as we would know him, Father Christmas. I love this confusion he has with the seasonal term and this famous character. What a perfect way to describe him! When Raph then saw I had got the advent decorations out he promptly started checking them all for chocolate and questioning why there wasn't any. It's so lovely to see him remembering what happens as he grows more aware.
I seem to be waiting for advent to start somewhat. I think it is because I move away from a few work deadlines so I am relieved that I step away from them, and also I am not working up to Christmas eve as I have done the past 3 years so I have all this excitement ready for enjoying what is to come.

I wanted to share some of our advent bits with you. They are quite crafty ideas, all bar one you can replicate in your own homes.
In fact, I will start with this first Reindeer Stable advent calendar which I picked up at a Christmas fair last year. I just loved the colouring of it and the illustrations of each reindeer. It is straightforward, each day a new character gets popped into the stable until it is full. Very quaint and as I have kept it safe it looks brand new!
It is by Pheonix Trading and available through independent retailers via their website.

I made this plant pot advent calendar a good few years ago now. I think at the time I saw one for around £40, so I decided to collect some terracotta plant pots and write some numbers on. I put a gold coin in each one and as each day passes I replace the coin with a candle. Most of the plant pots were reclaimed and I just scrubbed them clean. An easy little project.

This advent candle has only 4 candles to represent the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. I love this stand from Dunelm (£6.99), a bit abstract for my usual tastes but with these Cox and Cox pink candles and a beautiful Ginger Ray tags stamped 1-4, this looks beautiful with my pink and silver decorations on the mantle piece.

My new spare room/nursery space has opened up beautifully upstairs and has allowed me to decorate upstairs a bit to. This Christmas tree is a 3ft one from Homebase for £5.99 and I am so impressed. It is lovely and full, a perfect shape and it is perfect for what I want to do.
Placing it up in the spare room means that you see it as soon as you go upstairs. Through advent the children will hang a bells on a star each day counting up to Christmas day.

This last little tiny one, is a wee willy winkie style daily advent candle from Laura Ashley. It is really perfect for a little daily activity. I think we will light it when we have tea each day and enjoy it.

I am so looking forward to advent and Christmas and starting with all these little activities for the children to do each day will be wonderful!


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